Ecotainment is a packaging solution for game cartridges. In the gaming industry, game cartridges have gotten smaller, while the packaging has stayed the same size. The cartridge takes up only 10% of the space, while 90% of the packaging is advertising real estate. Nintendo is the biggest offender in this regard. But it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, you don't have to look any further than the packing for DS cartridges from the early 2000s.
With this in mind, I started looking for an eco-friendly solution to this packaging problem and used the DS packaging as my guiding light. The product solution I came up with is made of recyclable materials such as canvas, wood, cardboard, recycled paper, and glycine. It's the smallest packaging size possible, nestling the cartridge inside. Rather than adding more paper booklets to the packaging, I opted to replace them with a QR code that would take you to the company page where you could learn more about the game.
My product would be manufactured under Ecotainment and could be bought by various gaming companies to be used as an alternative to their current cartridge packaging, hence the generalized branding I chose to go with. The packaging for Ecotainment is meant to be seen as a blank canvas for any company to put their own mark on. The colors I chose are bright and energizing, like many products aimed at the gaming community.

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