In the summer of 2022, I took on the responsibility of preparing for the upcoming year's Arkansas Business Forecast Luncheon. During this project, I honed my skills in using Photoshop more efficiently learning how not to overload files with excessive elements. This project allowed me to explore newfound creativity in layout and imagery, experimenting with layering and blend modes, all within the framework of minimal constraints. The overarching goal of the design was to mirror Arkansas' global business prominence, particularly because of the presence of Fortune 500 companies in Bentonville and the technological innovations that have left a lasting impact on global markets. 
As part of my efforts, I provided essential assets to event coordinators, including brochure covers and backs, banners, web ads, invitations, and slide decks. Additionally, I gained valuable insights into the challenges of adapting static assets to various dimensions, which has informed my approach to future projects by helping me avoid unnecessary complexities. Each year since I've been tasked with updating and creating new assets for this current version of the event. 

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