To create this 4' x 5' painting, I began with a blank sheet. This project was an exploration of creativity without predetermined plans, allowing for spontaneous expression. In needing space to fling paint, I secured the canvas to my fence. I'm usually much more controlled in my painting style, so getting to play around with something more abstract and low stakes was a lot of fun. It felt more like playing in a sketchbook than anything else!

Once the painting was complete, I proceeded to build a frame from scratch and stretch the canvas to the appropriate dimensions. Instead of discarding the excess canvas, which was covered in spills and splatter, I chose to repurpose it by shredding and sewing it onto the piece. This technique not only added a unique 3D effect but also enhanced the painting's eerie, ghostly aesthetic. I love the juxtaposition of the creepy subject matter with the soft color palette!
If you're interested in owning this piece, please feel free to contact me.

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