Driven by a desire to transform a dull and lifeless wall, I embarked on what would become my most ambitious painting project to date. However, the course of this endeavor took an unexpected turn when our beloved dog, Ollie, passed away during its creation. In that moment of loss, my project evolved from a mere decorative venture into a heartfelt memorial dedicated to our sweet boy. The end result surpassed my wildest expectations, infusing our home with a much-needed burst of warmth and vibrancy, all the while serving as a poignant reminder of our cherished Ollie every time we saw it. 
Given the scale and significance of this project, unlike my previous creative pursuits, I made the deliberate choice to meticulously document the entire process, from its inception to its completion. This journey was later shared with the world through my YouTube channel. 
From the painstaking task of constructing the canvas from scratch to investing over 90 hours in the actual creation of the artwork, which included drafting a drawing for reproduction as prints in my Etsy store, this piece stands as a testament to my unwavering creative spirit, the ability to persevere in the face of adversity, and the power to breathe life into a vision from the depths of nothingness.

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