In just two months, I spearheaded the design of assets for the WISE symposium/WISE Legends event at the University of Arkansas. This comprehensive project involved creating t-shirts, banners, posters, tablecloths, pull-up displays, step-and-repeats, social graphics, PowerPoints, and designing the entire event experience, as well as coordinating with students. The event celebrated female pioneers in supply chain management and included an inaugural Women's Hall of Fame featuring 14 legends of the industry.
As the sole designer on this project, I gained valuable experience in designing a real-life user experience and finding the right voice for the event. I tackled the challenge of making the project travel-friendly, ultimately selecting 10ft 4-sided towers that could be easily transported. My boss taught me how to work with printers, order samples, and create files that included all necessary information. I also took care to document my process work, showcasing my problem-solving skills and ability to overcome various obstacles.
[UPDATE] In recent months, WISE events had been adopted at major institutions around the country. In response to the sudden surge of new members I have been put in charge of organizing and managing the distribution of a streamlined set of WISE assets to each of 16 colleges in North America. This has included the creation of hundreds of personalized files with corresponding standard operating procedure (SOP) documents. I'm in charge of fielding questions regarding assets and graphics and helping to make sure said assets are used correctly on public-facing promotions. 

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